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Studying June 26, 2012

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I wrote this journal entry last week before I set up my blog:

I’ve just had a chance to look at the orientation and coursework outlines for the semester and I must say I’m feeling overwhelmed by this new online environment. Now, I love an iPad as much as anyone but I can’t help feeling a bit old for the first time. Is there a switch that flicks on where you just begin to freak out about anything new once you hit a certain age? I never thought I’d be that person so I’m setting the first goal for myself. Just jump in as Mark Burnett would say (the creator of Survivor reality TV show) and have a red hot go at blogging, website creation and online learning.

I wanted to do this course to challenge myself, gain new skills and to show my own kids that learning is something you do all your life. I’ve missed out on two jobs in the area of technology so I really need this. Time to get cracking. Uni starts 9th July.


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