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Snakes and Search Engines July 12, 2012

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It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was at primary school (I am kidding myself) and we used the card catalogue, which was a big wooden piece of furniture taking pride of place at the top of the stairs, to find our book on the shelf and then went and sat on the big, green, bean bag snake to read. That was as difficult as it got then and now I’m existing on a virtual level where information comes a thousand times faster and more. It is fun though and I’m quite enjoying the new learning!

Last night I attended the CSU orientation in Sydney for the TL course and it was inspiring and motivating to meet the course lecturers and hear Judy O’Connell speak to us about the course. She asked the question “How many search engines do you use?” to which I had to quite honestly answer “Up until last week – one!”. I, like many others my students included, have morphed the word google into my vocabulary as a verb ie. “just google it; I googled it” much to my own ignorance. I am now aware of many more search engines which can be used specific to the subject you are researching. I now, therefore resolve to explore and USE these in my own inquiry and in my teaching. I have realised that although my students are growing up in the digital world they do not neccessarily know how to use it well and are quite probably learning from people like me. So it’s time, as Judy said, to put myself into the future and learn about the digital world we are going to be living in.


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