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Modem death – an obituary August 24, 2012

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Alas poor modem… I knew him well. In fact, there’s a possibility I wore him out completely.


He served me through a time when dial-up and CD-roms were cutting edge. He lived well past his prime forging ahead to broadband and unlimited downloads, terabytes and wi-fi without complaint or fault. Until, of course, I had two assignments due in one week.


It is here, though, I must pay respect where it is due as dear old modey (as we now affectionately refer to him) goes the way of floppy disks and iPod shuffles. He was a worker. I could say he will never be replaced but that would not be entirely true as his brand-spankers superceded model arrived in the post this week which is lucky for my neighbours who can lock me back out of their wi-fi.


Modey is a dinosaur, a relic and a reminder of days long gone. He was loved for his ability to run up to 5 devices at once on a super-cheap plan with never a call to IT support. Thanks modey, you were a gem and this week I realised just how hard it is to live without you. RIP.


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